Working while you work, the day porter, with hospital grade chemicals, disinfects your facility all or part of the day to stave off the germs of the virus that some may be carrying and not even know. A day porter spends their time wiping frequently touched items, such as bathroom handles, door knobs, light switches, counter tops etc.

Almighty Cleaning can provide you with an ongoing day porter service or temporary day porter service to keep your public areas clean, and safe. The day porter will be available to unobtrusively wipe down surfaces that are frequently touched by visitors to your workplace environment. This cleaning activity is in addition to your routine cleaning maintenance activities.

Surfaces such as light switches, door knobs, bathroom handles, and counter tops are areas where germ transmission can take place surreptitiously. Keeping these surfaces wiped down on a constant basis can lower the risk of transmission. The visual presence of a day porter performing this cleaning activity can also bring reassurance to your employees and business guests. Using hospital grade chemicals ensures that the day porter can effectively clean the frequently touched surfaces.

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