Disinfectant fogging is a technique that requires a special machine to push out a mist of water and hospital grade disinfectant that touches every surface of your facility. Disinfectant fogging is safe for material and electronics, and is very good at disinfecting hard to reach surfaces. This is best done after hours and we feel is the most effective method for killing germs. This is what the CDC has advised aircraft companies to do:

After Hours Keller Office Disinfectant Fogging

We can arrange to come by your Keller office after business hours to perform a disinfectant fogging. We can do this disinfectant fogging prior to your employees returning to work after the quarantine period. Disinfectant fogging can give you and your employees peace of mind that the Keller office has been thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom.

Almighty Cleaning, Inc. provides disinfectant fogging in the Fort Worth, Texas area. Schedule your disinfectant fogging now by filling out the form below or calling the office – 972-929-0099.

Keller Office Disinfectant Fogging Price

Pricing starts at $200 for a basic open plan 2,000 sq ft office. Larger offices or more complicated layouts will cost more because we need to make sure we cover every surface. We can also do your fleet vehicles! Vehicles start at $35.

Office Disinfectant Fogging

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